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SIGN UP ONLINE We offer credit counseling, credit repair services and full credit restoration options to assist you with credit score improvement.
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SIGN UP ONLINE Our Credit Restoration Program is a trusted tool utilized by leading Mortgage and Real Estate professionals nationwide.

Is something wrong with your credit report?

A Must-Watch CBS News 60 Minutes Report about Costly Credit Report Mistakes that affect 80% of all Americans. These credit report errors lower your FICO Score and cost you money! Our Forensic Credit Correction System will correct, complete and verify what’s on your credit report and provide credit score improvement. Choose a dispute process below.


Choose a Dispute Process!

We offer three different options to assist you with your credit score improvement: Credit Counseling, Credit Repair Services, or Full Credit Restoration using our successful and proven Forensic Credit Correction System


Build Your Credit: Instantly Approved Credit Cards & Installment Lines of Credit!

It’s important to have positive lines of credit established during the dispute process. 10% of your FICO score is calculated based on having this healthy mix of 1 Installment Loan and 2 Revolving Credit Cards. We recommend getting instantly approved with the following:

Credit Strong Instal Savings Account – Open a savings account for as little as $28 a month and get a $1000 Installment credit line added to your report. Allows you to build 24/48 months of credit history.

Credit Strong Revolv Savings Account – Open a savings account for only $99 and get a $1000 Revolving credit line added to your report for 12/24 months.

Credit Builder MasterCard – Get instantly approved for this $200 limit Secured Credit Card that starts reporting to all three credit bureaus in just 2 weeks!

We also have other options below to consider that will ensure credit score improvement. (Click below)

Trusted & Verified


With over 18 years of experience in the credit repair industry, working exclusively with a former legal and compliance executive from Experian, we know the credit reporting agencies and how they operate, and we use that knowledge to your advantage to MAXIMIZE your credit scores as quickly as possible. Schedule a Free Credit Analysis and you’ll understand why people choose us over other companies.


Our Forensic Credit Correction System© is used by top Mortgage and Real Estate professionals around the country. It’s specifically designed to MAXIMIZE your credit scores as quickly as possible. We use Federal Laws that protect your rights as a consumer to legally remove inaccurate, incomplete, and unverifiable accounts from your credit report and get you the quick results you and your family need to purchase a home!


We do complete Data File Audits© addressing all negative accounts on your credit reports as well as individual Validation Demands preventing companies from reporting or collecting debts if in non compliance. Don’t waste your time and money with a consumer credit repair company who only disputes a few accounts at a time, for as long as you’re willing to pay, you deserve better!


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