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I love getting reviews like this one we got today from a recent credit  repair program graduate of EditMyCredit.Net:

I have to say, I always thought I knew how to work on my credit, but working with Chaz has shown me alot. Chaz is very professional and was so helpful in this process of getting things removed from my credit and improving my credit score. Chaz even assisted with spam and fraudulent emails I would receive from total strangers. Chaz was a huge help all the way around and also walked me through steps of getting a new credit card to help Rebuild my credit now that I am starting over. The change happened very quickly and my scores improved at least by 80 pointes!!

This is a HUGE Accomplishment for me and I owe all my Thanks to Chaz!!   I am so so happy at how much my score has gone up! This is huge for me and probably the best score I’ve ever had!   You have been such a great great help to me, I really appreciate everything!!! I will definitely keep in touch and also refer anyone that needs help with their credit!

Thank you so much! – Keri C. – Richardson, TX.