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Staying organized is  essential to being financially successful both personally and  professionally. Your credit is your #1 Asset and the starting point for  being financially organized. Your credit worthiness can be the  determining factor with rent, utilities, insurance, interest, loans,  benefits and employment. Those with low credit scores are missing  opportunities to build wealth and losing hundreds to thousands of  dollars. My name is Charles Knight and I am the President and CEO of  a full service credit restoration company. With over 15 years  experience and formal training from a Legal and Compliance Executive  from Experian, I have helped thousands of people save thousands of  dollars by improving their credit.

Anyone can dispute things on their credit reports, we have that  right, however most don’t know how to effectively dispute things to get  maximum results. The three credit reporting agencies receive thousands  of disputes daily. The majority of the disputes are run-through a  computer and processed with a software program that detects similar  information to verify accounts. This is the only way they can handle the  volume of disputes because the Federal Law gives them 30-45 days to  complete and respond to those disputes. If you hire a consumer credit  repair company, they only dispute a few things a time to keep you in  their programs for as long as you’re willing to pay.

I’ve developed our “Forensic Credit Correction” program at  which includes full data file audits with the credit reporting agencies  and individual validation demands to stop companies from reporting or  collecting debts. Our goal is to bypass the computerized consumer  dispute departments and get the disputes escalated to the legal  department where you get a human being conducting your investigations.  If a questionable account is not 100% correct, complete, timely or  verifiable they must remove that account from your credit report per the  Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Transactions Act.  We audit ALL accounts from Day One!

We follow up these data file audits with verification requests and  individual demands to the companies reporting inaccurate, incomplete, or  erroneous information to the credit bureaus per the Fair Credit Billing  Act and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act stopping collection  companies from reporting or collecting debts. In the majority of cases  we’re able to correct/remove over 75% of the negative information on a  clients credit report and increase credit scores over 100 points on each  bureau. We give all of our clients a Lifetime Guarantee on their  results to protect them from accounts resurfacing in the future.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with low credit scores, please contact us at  for a Free Credit Analysis. We’ll pull your credit report (Soft  Inquiry) and help you understand what is hurting you, what is helping  you, and what adjustments can be made to maximize your credit scores. If  you have negative items on your credit report, we will point out the  violations on those accounts and discuss how we can address them  specifically with our program. Afterwards we will give you a Free Quote  for our program based on the number of items you have and the amount of  work we have to put into it. Every one of our clients save more money  than the total investment to restore their credit and if you’re a victim  of identity theft, our program is 100% Tax Deductible.

For more information or to schedule your Free Credit Analysis call me direct at 469-609-8068 or email [email protected] and visit our website at today!