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Starting this summer, Medical Collections will start to be removed from millions of credit reports. The move will remove an estimated 70% of negative medical debt remarks, giving many a hopeful jump in credit scores!

Here are the details of the new changes effective July 1, 2022:

Medical debt is a financial killer for many — not just the elderly or those with medical conditions. In a recent survey, all living generations indicated their medical debt has harmed their credit scores, with millennials being the highest at 52%.

And while negative credit score remarks can create long-term financial consequences, medical debt creates a situation where immediate sacrifice is also needed. The same survey indicated one in four Gen Zers and Millennials with medical debt skipped rent or mortgage payments because of their debt. Being late on your mortgage payment can also harm your credit score.

If you have any Medical Collections on your credit report, contact us for a Free Credit Analysis and we’ll discuss the Medical Collection Removal Process and other ways to maximize your credit scores.

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