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Hundreds of thousands of consumers are being bombarded with robo calls from scammers posing as collection companies or debt collectors  from attorney offices. Sometimes these calls go straight to voicemails  where these scammers are leaving very scary and intimidating messages  that a debt is owed.  The caller or message asks for the consumers to  set up payments with a debit or credit card number immediately to avoid  additional fees, interest, or legal action resulting in a lawsuit  against the consumer.

These calls are a SCAM and violate the Federal Law!

These scammers are committing fraud in hopes that naïve consumers  won’t question the debt or consumers will be fearful of legal action and  will go ahead and give them money by setting up payments with their  banking information. DO NOT respond to these calls, messages, or visit  any website to set up a pay plan with your personal or financial  information. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people  currently getting these scam calls, there are things you can do to stop  them.

Your rights are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a  Federal Law that regulates how debt collectors can communicate, report,  or collect debts in the United States. This Federal Law prohibits debt  collectors from using false, deceptive, or misleading practices. This  includes:

If you receive one of these scam calls, contact the Consumer  Financial Protection Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission or your State  Attorney General and file a complaint. You can also sue the debt  collector for this or other violations of the Fair Debt Collection  Practices Act. If you sue under this federal law and win, the scam debt  collector must generally pay your attorney’s fees, and may also have to  pay you damages.

If you’re getting calls from collection companies or debt collection  attorneys attempting to report or collect a debt, the Federal Law STILL protects you!

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states: In order for a  collection company or attorney to legally report or collect a debt they  have to validate that debt with the originally signed contract,  statements while the account was active or, a detailed billing history  showing all transactions, interest and fees from the original creditor  or medial care provider.

If a collection company does not send this documentation within 30  Days upon request, they cannot legally collect or report the debt on  your credit report. Having been a Consumer Advocate for nearly 20 years  now, I can tell you from experience that collection companies rarely  comply with the Federal Law and do not have nor send the documentation  required to legally report or collect debts. Often these collection  companies do not operate legally or comply with State Regulations to  collect debts as well.

If you have any collections on your credit report and you want to  STOP them from reporting or collecting a debt, please contact for a Free Credit Analysis ASAP! We can explain the  Federal Laws that protects your rights and how to stop debt collectors  from calling, reporting or collecting debts. Doing this will increase  your credit scores, save you money, and give you the peace of mind that  you deserve. We look forward to assisting you and serving our community.

I have personally been involved in Real Estate, Mortgage and the  Credit Industry for nearly 20 years. For a decade I worked with a Legal  and Compliance Executive from Experian who testified as an expert  witness in Federal Court, Attorney General Reviews and with the Better  Business Bureau. I am well versed in Consumer Law protecting the rights  of consumers with advanced knowledge on how the Credit Reporting  Agencies operate. I am happy to share my expertise and knowledge with  anyone wanting to improve their credit or financial situation.